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Drainage is the process of interception and removal of water from over, and under the vicinity of the road surface. Drainage can be surface (where water is conveyed on the road surface and drainage channels), or subsurface (water flows underneath the pavement structure).
Surface and subsurface drainage of roads critically affects their structural integrity, life and safety to users, and is thus important during highway design and construction. Road designs therefore have to provide efficient means for removal of this water; hence the need for road drainage designs.
Drainage facilities are required to protect the road against damage from surface and sub surface water. Traffic safety is also important as poor drainage can result in dangerous conditions like hydroplaning. Poor drainage can also compromise the structural integrity and life of a pavement. Drainage systems combine various natural and man made facilities e.g. ditches, pipes, culverts, curbs to convey this water safely.
1.1 Historical Background:
This road is located along DJK street to NHC Blocks opposite to ATC fence. It is unpaved road and is under the Arusha Municipal Council.
1.2 Problem Statement
According to this problem of lacking side drainage along this road, the soil surrounding the ATC fence has been eroded by the water flowing during the rain, also because the water during the rain is passing on the road, potholes has occurred on top of this road. Therefore a drainage system has to be designed. However, the existing road along this street is showing signs of failure, caused mainly by lacking of drainage. Also it is better to have good method of designing a side drainage in order to overcome these problems arises on this road.
1.4.1 Main objective:

Design of an efficient drainage system along this road.
Specific Objectives:
To determine the catchment area and the expected flow.
To collect design information for drainage system.
To determination of runoff onto the road and discharge of water.
To design of the drainage channels using results obtained.
1.5 Scop of the project:
This project is confined only to designing a drainage system for the road along this road.
1.6 Significance of the project:
The outcome of this project shall help to propose the lay out for the new side drainage in order to fulfill its requirements as a drainage, such as to drain off excess water on shoulder and pavement edge which cause considerable damage and improve pedestrian safety using side walk ways near side drainage.
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Questionnaire method

Highway drainage is the process of interception and removal of water from over, under and in the vicinity of the pavement.
Highway drainage is one of the most important factors in road design and construction. If every other aspect of the highway design and construction is done well but drainage is not, the road will quickly fail in use due to ingress of water into the pavement and its base.
The damaging effects of water in the pavement can be controlled by keeping water out of places where it can cause damage or by rapidly and safely removing it by drainage methods.
Improper drainage of roads can lead to;
Loss of strength of pavement materials
Mud pumping in rigid pavement
Stripping of the bituminous s surface in flexible pavements