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Full Version: Advantages of EFI
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Advantages of EFI

Advantages of EFI

1) Uniform Air/Fuel Mixture Distribution
Each cylinder has its own injector which delivers fuel directly to the intake valve. This
eliminates the need for fuel to travel through the intake manifold, improving cylinder
to Cylinder distribution.

2) Highly Accurate Air/Fuel Ratio Control Throughout All Engine Operating Conditions
EFI supplies a continuously accurate air/fuel ratio to the engine no matter what
operating conditions are encountered. This provides better driveability, fuel economy,
and emissions control.

3) Superior Throttle Response and Power
By delivering fuel directly at the back of the intake valve, the intake manifold design
can be optimized to improve air velocity at the intake valve. This improves torque and
throttle response.

4) Improved Emissions Control
Cold engine and wide open throttle enrichment can be reduced with an EFI engine
because fuel puddling in the intake manifold is not a problem. This results in better
overall fuel economy and improved emissions control.

5) Improved Cold Engine Startability and Operation
The combination of better fuel atomization and injection directly at the intake valve
improves ability to start and run a cold engine.

6) Simpler Mechanics, Reduced Adjustment Sensitivity
The EFI system does not rely on any major adjustments for cold enrichment or fuel
metering. Because the system is mechanically simple, maintenance requirements are