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Full Version: Micromachine
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MEMS or micro-electro-mechanical system a miniaturized mechanical device built with the materials and techniques used to make integrated circuits for computers. These microscopic materials are of the order of a few micrometers (a micrometer is one millionth of a meter). Micromachines combine sensors, levers, gears, and electronic elements such as transistors to perform various tasks. The extremely thin layers of silicon which are only few millionths of a meter thick are used to fabricate Micromachine Gearing Micromachines and can be shaped into can be shaped into levers, gears, and other mechanical devices. With the initiative of Sandia National Laboratories' Intelligent Micromachine, this technology is currently used in imaging systems and motion sensors, and is being developed for applications in biomedicine, computers, and telecommunications.

MEMS technology is currently used in devices such as air bag sensors and certain types of video screen systems. It is being adapted for uses in many other fields, such as medicine, computers, and communication as it has several benefits over larger machines in sensitivity, pace and energy consumption.