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Full Version: Internet Marketing and e-Business
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Internet Marketing and e-Business

1. Rationale for Module:

With the growing number of companies moving from a bricks and mortar framework
to having an on-line presence; it is vital to have an understanding of how the Internet can
be used in modern business. The fundamental issues for any business considering this
move are: how to use the Internet to expand product lines and markets, how to increase
market share, how to bolster brand perception and how to build up effective and
profitable customer relationships.

2. Principal Modules Aim

The primary focus of this module is how to more effectively implement marketing
strategies using electronic technology.This course aims to introduce students to how
various marketing principles (i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion) apply to
Electronic or Internet Business models. It will also show how traditional marketing
techniques can be used effectively in these models. It will give an insight into how we
can use market segmentation techniques to analyse and target new potential customer
bases and we will see that we can use the Internet itself as a useful market research tool.
Students will also investigate current trends in online banking, e-trading and e-marketing.
The course will focus in on building a strong online presence in terms of brandreinforcing
website design and content. We will utilise and integrate this online presence
to create and nurture strong, loyal and profitable bonds amongst our customer base.

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