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journals for light weight concrete by using rice husk saw dust

journals for light weight concrete by using rice husk saw dust


The disposal of saw dust and rice husk has always been by incineration or open air burning, this has hazardous effect on tlie air and environment at large. They can be recycled for use in construction industry without producing any harm to human and environment. Research has shown that they can be used as a binder replacement. This paper highlights the optimal material that can be added to concrete for optimum strength. Sawdust and Rice husk mixed with bone powder was added to replace cement in relative percentage of 5, 10, 15 and 20%. The result shows that rice husk and sawdust are alternative binder that can replace cement to some extent but there is reduction in strength as well. 18 concrete cubes were casted using mix ratio 1:2:4, the control experiment without sawdust or rice husk has strength of 8.9N/mm 2 . With 5% Rice husk ash, the strength dropped to 7.6 N/mm 2 , but using 5% saw dust, the strength dropped to 7.71 N/mm 2 . Further addition of both materials to give 15% addition produced strength of 6.2 N/mm 2 and 4.4 N/mm 2 for rice husk and saw dust respectively. Both materials can be added to produce a lightweight structure but the amount replacement for saw dust must not exceed 10% while rice husk must not exceed 15% in order to produce safe and durable structure.


Concrete is a composite material composed of coarse granular material (the aggregate of filler) embedded in a hard matrix of material (the cement or binder) that fills the space between the aggregate particles and glues them together. (Zongjin, 201 1)

Concrete = Filler + Binder

Concrete is a mass of sand, gravel, crushed rock, or other aggregate bonded together by a hardened paste of hydraulic cement and water. When properly proportioned, mixed, and consolidated, these ingredients form a workable mass which can be placed into a form of desired size and shape. The water present reacts with the cement to convert the concrete to a hard and durable product. (Kamran 2013) The minimum expected concrete strength is 20N/mm 2 at 28 days for a normal concrete mix of ratio 1:2:4. (Yusuf 2011)The cost of building materials nowadays is so high in some parts of the world; particularly developing countries like Nigeria, that only the government, industries, business cooperation and few individual can afford it. This high and still rising cost can however be reduced to a minimum by use of alternative building materials that are cheap, locally available and bring about a reduction in the overall dead weight of the building. Some industrial and agricultural products that would otherwise litter the environment as waste or at best be put into only limited use could gainfully be employed as building material. This study examined the use of saw dust ash or rice husk ash mixed with bone ash as partial replacement for ordinary Portland cement in concrete. It involves the determination of the chemical composition of the ash and evaluation of the workability, and compressive strength of the concrete

sir i am a final year civil student . i will like to do the project related light weight concrete by using rice husk and saw dust so please give idea for me.

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