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automatic moisture and light control system for garden pdf

automatic moisture and light control system for garden pdf


Most people would love to have a nice vegetable garden, but few have the time to maintain one. Above all, gardens require regular watering. When the weather is hot, just a few days without water can kill your garden! The time it takes to drag out hoses, and get everything soaked regularly, is more time than many people are willing to spend. What if you spend many days at a time away from home? Getting a neighbour or friend to check on your garden is inconvenient to say the least. There are many automatic watering systems available today. Some are only timers. Some incorporate rain sensors. But what if you want to check on or water your garden remotely? How do you plug your garden directly into the Internet? The goal of this garden project was to build a garden that was easy to water, and could be controlled remotely via the internet.

i want every information on automatic moisture and light controlling system for garden. pleas send to my mail. [email protected]

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