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Automation, now a days have become in integral part of the industry, say any production
as well as process industry, it is progressively increasing the productivity and the profitability of
most large organization by rapidly becoming more efficient and competitive by their methods of
production and management. Small industries with small exceptions, is not progressing to the
same extended and their profitability is far too low for stability and growth. The efficiency of
small industries is however, of vital importance to the economy of the country. They represent
90% of all industries, employ about half of those engaged in large industries and produce nearly
half of the manufactured goods.
For rapid industrial growth in developing countries like India which is basically a nucleus
of small industries, it is of primary importance to put the wheels of efficiency of these small
industries properly geared to accelerate productivity, to increase profitability and to achieve this
goal at present juncture is Low Cost Automation as High cost Automation is not within the reach
of developing countries.
SCADA vendors release one major version and one to two additional minor versions
once per year. These systems evolve thus very rapidly so as to take advantage of new market
opportunities, to meet new requirements of their customers and to take advantage of new
As was already mentioned, most of the SCADA systems that were evaluated decompose
the process in "atomic" parameters to which a Tag-name is associated. This is impractical in the
case of very large processes when very large sets of Tags need to be configured. As the industrial
applications are increasing in size, new SCADA versions are now being designed to handle
devices and even entire systems as full entities (classes) that encapsulate all their specific
attributes and functionality. In addition, they will also support multi-team development.
As far as new technologies are concerned, the SCADA products are now adopting:
Web technology, ActiveX, Java, etc.
OPC as a means for communicating internally between the client and server
modules. It should thus be possible to connect OPC compliant third party modules
to that SCADA product.
If a laborer has to do a series of work for the completion of a certain job and it has to do
the same job repeatedly for the whole day, his involvement into the job linearly decreases with
time. The repeatability of the same type of work causes fatigue, stress, strain and negligence and
eventually decreases the quality and quantity of production. So automating a part of his job,
which involves tiring work, definitely increases quality of work as well as result in saving of
time. In such circumstances, the person can even have the opportunity to attend other work.
Implementation of automation plays a very important role in the output efficiency. In modern
times when there is paucity of time with one and all, the importance of Automation with easy
Controlling system needs no explanation.

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