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Rocket-Take off With Nuclear Reactor


The undisputed fact is that the enormous growth in population and their increasing needs day by day have necessitated us to look for mass communication systems, information systems and environmental research etc. are fulfilled by placing artificial satellites in the space.
But the Rockets carrying satellites into the space are emitting harmful gases polluting the surroundings. A study to overcome the problem of these harmful emissions made me to think of an alternative propellant.
After a series of experiments I felt steam produced in a Nuclear Reactor with water and a small amount of Uranium may put off the pollution problem. The added advantage of this proposed change may be referred as eco-friendly for the reason that the steam emitted from the rocket is absorbed by atmosphere and later come back as rain water.

Materials Required :
1. Water - 14,67,000 liters
2. Uranium - 0.0000066 Kgs.


Dr Ravi Kumar Puli
National Institute of Technology

WIND POWER - What is it?

All renewable energy (except tidal and geothermal power), ultimately comes from the sun

The earth receives 1.74 x 1017 watts of power (per hour) from the sun

About one or 2 percent of this energy is converted to wind energy (which is about 50-100 times more than the energy converted to biomass by all plants on earth

Differential heating of the earth s surface
and atmosphere induces vertical and horizontal
air currents that are affected by the earth s
rotation and contours of the land WIND.
e.g.: Land Sea Breeze Cycle

March 11 (Bloomberg) -- South Korea said any North Korean rocket launch would violate a United Nations resolution whether the communist state fires a ballistic missile or sends a satellite into space.

The two operate on very similar technology, South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung Hwan said in an interview after speaking at a seminar in Seoul today. He was responding to comments by the director of U.S. National Intelligence, who told lawmakers yesterday that North Korea is planning a space launch.

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