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geopolymer concrete ppt

Geopolymer Concrete:

Geopolymer was the name given by Daidovits in 1978 to materials which are characterized by chains or networks or inorganic molecules. Geopolymer cement concrete is made from utilization of waste materials such as fly ash and ground granulated blast furnace slag(GGBS). Fly ash is the waste product generated from thermal power plant and ground granulate blast furnace slag is generated as waste material in steel plant.

Both fly ash and GGBS are processed by appropriate technology and used for concrete works in the form of geopolymer concrete. The use of this concrete helps to reduce the stock of wastes and also reduces carbon emission by reducing Portland cement demand.

The main constituent of geopolymers source of silicon and aluminium which are provided by thermally activated natural materials (e.g. kaolinite) or industrial byproducts (e.g. fly ash or slab) and an alkaline activating solution which polymerizes these materials into molecular chains and networks to create hardened binder. It is also called as alkali-activated cement or inorganic polymer cement.

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Hi,I would like to get details on fiber reinforced geopolymer concrete in ppt format. Thank you.

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