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literature review on drill jig

literature review on drill jig

The jig is a type of custom tool used to monitor the location and / or motion of parts or other tools.

Types of drilling Jigs:

Drilling jigs can be classified as follows:

1. Coordinate Template
2. The plate-like jig
3. Type Open jig
4. jig channel
5. Jig Sheet
6. Type of jig box

1: Template Jig:

This is the simplest type of jig; It's just a plate with the size and shape of the workpiece; to require a number of holes made it. It is located on the workpiece, and the drill hole to be made; be guided through the holes in the pattern plate should be hardened to avoid frequent replacement of this type is suitable jig, unless some parts have to be made.

2: The plate-type Jig:
This type of template improvement in the adaptation. Instead of simple holes, drill sleeves are made in the plate to guide the drill. The workpiece may be secured to the plate and holes can be drilled. The plate jig used for drilling holes in large part, maintaining the exact distance between each other.

3: open-Jig:
In this adaptation of the upper part of the clamping device is open; the workpiece is placed on top.

4-channel conductor;
The conductor channel is a simple type of jig, having a channel like cross-section. The component is mounted within the bore and is clamped by the handle arrangement. The tool is directed through the drill bush.

5: Leaf Jig:
This is also a kind of open type clamping device, in which the upper plate is arrange to swing around a fulcrum, so that it completely clears the guard for easy loading and unloading of the workpiece. Drill bushings mounted in the plate, which is also known as a sheet or latch cap.

6: Box Type Jig:
When drilling the holes a single plane of the workpiece, the fixture must be provided with a sleeve equalant number plates. To position the fixture on the machine table legs should be provided in front of each drill collar plate. One side of the jig is provided for swinging the sheet loading and unloading of the workpiece, a jig will have a box shape. Such an arrangement should be as easy as possible.


I need literature review on drill jig for my project work.

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