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Waste Water Recycling & Re-Use

Waste Water Recycling & Re-Use



Wastewater (WW) is a
combination of the liquid, or
water carried wastes,
removed from domestic,
institutions, commercial and
industrial establishments
together with surface/ ground/
storm water.

Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
Some Key Safeguards for agricultural reuse
safeguard the health of people who eat produce grown in
recycled water, residents of neighborhoods near irrigated areas
Safeguard the health of operators of irrigation in contact with
untreated or partially treated waste water.
The prevention of contamination and degradation of land,
ground water as well as escapes to surface water sources.
Regulating the level of nutritional material liquefied in water
and suitable corrections to meet the requirements of the
vegetation; protection from residue levels.

Waste Water Reuse
Informal, unguided, illegal, unplanned direct and
indirect use of raw, partially treated, or diluted
wastewater is carried out in many regions of the
world, specially in developing countries
Use of untreated or inadequately treated WW for
irrigation has important health implications for
consumers, vendors, farmers and their families and
In case of reuse of WW, more attention should be
given on the negative impacts rather than positive

A simplified excel model was used for integrating
ground and surface water usages and flows as
well as GW regime; it is dynamic
Integrating land & water uses as well as that of
people sector and nature sector
Helped a better appreciation of impact of future
scenarios based on different setting
Brings out useful indicators for the policy
decisions on management of water quality and
quantity of any basin based on possible
emerging scenarios

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