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Semester Supplementary Examinations, April/May - 2012 DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS

Semester Supplementary Examinations, April/May - 2012 DATA COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS


1. a) Explain in detail about different types of data communication networks.
b) Which layers of OSI model are concerned with the actual mechanics of moving data
from one machine to another? Explain each of these layers.
2. a) Give brief description about single ended transmission systems.
b) Give note on the propagation of light through an optical fiber cable.
3. a) What is the relationship between dynamic range and the number of bits in a Pulse
Code Modulation (PCM) code? For a PCM system with the minimum dynamic range:
46dB, determine minimum number of bits used in the PCM code.
b) What is multiplexing? Explain briefly about the Time-Division Multiplexing.
4. a) What is electromagnetic polarization? Explain briefly.
b) Draw the block diagram of microwave transmitter and receiver and also explain their
function of each one.
5. a) Compare the operation of a cordless telephone and a standard telephone.
b) Explain the units of powers measurement.
6. a) Describe the functions of a home location register.
b) What is a GSM cellular telephone system? Describe the services offered by GSM.
7. a) What is POSTNET? What is POSTNET bar code? Determine the check character for
the POSTNET nine-digit ZIP + 4 numbers: 13424-7654.
b) Determine the odd and even parity bits for the ASCII character R.
8. Explain the page link access procedures in HDLC.

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