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Cegonsoft final year it project ideas in Coimbatore | bangalore | Chennai

What technology platform / will be used in a Final Year Project.
Now, this is a very popular question. Computer Science / Engineering students have to ask what technology / platform we use, such as Sun Java, Microsoft. NET or C + +, etc. And it is quite an interesting question.
The answer to this question is that it depends on what you want to do in the future. Many times we asked the students to taste a variety of platforms before graduation and do final year project on the stage you like. For example, in the first year, to learn to process language such as C, go to learn OOP in C + + for a second or third year, and to do a project such as networking and databases with .NET and Java, etc.
So, "depends on what you do in the future" is basically a series of factors that you want to:
Continue your career, in particular, the platform (probably why you like or is it more job opportunities).
Participate in all competitions of the software, which may have certain requirements. For example, to participate in the Imagine Cup, you go for the platform. NET
Whatever the reason for choosing a platform, it is always best to have your interest.
Cegonsoft provides final year projects based on System side, Web application and IEE projects.
J2EE with advanced concepts
PHP/MYSQL with Ajax
IEE projects in different Transaction
IEE in Networking
IEE in Neural Network
IEE in Distributed Computing
IEE in Mobile Computing
IEE in Software Engineering
IEE in Image Processing

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