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Global SMTP Mail Server

A service I've discovered puts a cap on the vexing problem that you will have had while out of the office - the incapacity to send emails from your computer or PDA. This is a common problem for folks who use Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Apple Mail ( or any other email client ) and need to be ready to send emails while away from home or the office.

Thankfully, Global SMTP have a solution with an easy-to-setup truly Global SMTP server which fixes the problem once and for all. A simple change of a single within your email software ( to change the SMTP server to our one) is all that's's needed. The service has been recommended by Delta Airlines' Sky mag, and is currently utilised by thousands of folk in over 100 countries around the planet.

I highly recommend this service, and assume the heartache it saves is fantastic! It can be employed from any location in the world, for example hotels, wireless hotspots, net cafes, as well as from home or the office.

Visit the Global SMTP ( site further details!

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