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British media said the Russian nuclear submarine ran aground in the British submarin

BEIJING, Oct. 25 According to Taiwan, "BBC News" quoted the British media reported that 22 Royal Navy's newest nuclear-powered submarine Astute No. (HMSAstute) in the northern waters of bizarre ran aground. Local media said the same period a Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine infested waters in the vicinity, the British have sent fighters search. The news of the incident cast a Puzzle.

According to British media, discount coach handbags Russian Akula-class (Akula Class) submarine appeared last week in the UK North Sea, when the British strategic nuclear submarines might be tracking, then disappeared.

Later, the British side looking for the whereabouts of the Russian nuclear submarine. The report quoted the British Royal Air Force sources, the UK fans out hunting (Nimrod) to find the Russian anti-submarine reconnaissance craft, the training is the United Kingdom also participated in a United States spy plane the search operation.

Accused of the Royal Navy and stealth performance newest nuclear-powered attack submarines, coach bags salebest smart number, at about 8 am local time 22, in the western Scottish Isle of Skye stranded on the water, stop in the shallow water position, emerge from time to time steam, so that surprised local residents until it was gradually rising tide to float on the same day at about 6 pm moved to deeper water location. Submarine design expert Ross (Carl Ross) said the nuclear submarine ran aground less likely, "it is improper to be happening." The Administration is also investigating whether neglect of duty officers.

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced drastic cuts defense budget, even the anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft, can not escape hunting fans. Mediadiscount coach boots Russian boat suspected in the UK North Sea, together with news of alert No. aground, embarrassing gift to the British Government.

According to local media earlier reported that Russia restart "Cold War" strategy, launched with the British nuclear submarine chase, but guess Eakula class nuclear submarines into the North Atlantic over the past few months, in addition, it could be close to the UK, including smart port number belongs to Fa Shalan Navy nuclear submarine base and other bases, Attempt to obtain information.


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