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geopolymer concrete full report

GEO POLYMER CONCRETE-Concrete without cement

What s wrong with cement concrete?

Many concrete structures deteriorate after 20 years.

Cement production releases high amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere(1tonne of cement production releases 1tonne of CO2) thus contributing to 7% of world CO2 emissions.

Cement is one of the most energy intensive material.

How to reduce the use of cement

Partially replace the use of cement in concrete.
example: high volume fly ash concrete

Develop alternate materials.
example:Geopolymer concrete

Geopolymer Concrete

Hardened cementitious paste made from flyash and alkaline solution.
Combines waste products into useful product.
Setting mechanism depends on polymerization.
Curing temp is between 60-90 degree celcious.


Source materials :
Alkaline liquids
combination of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) or potassium hydroxide (KOH) and sodium silicate or potassium silicate.

2.Geopolymer Concrete Tonguerocess

Alkaline solutions induce the Si and Al atoms in the source materials ,example fly ash , to dissolve.

Gel formation is assisted by applying heat.

Gel binds the aggregates ,and the unreacted source material to form the Geopolymer concrete.


Cutting the world s carbon.
The price of fly ash is low.
Better compressive strength.
Fire proof.
Low permeability.
Excellent properties within both acid and salt environments.

4.Applications of GPC

Pre-cast concrete products like railway sleepers,electric power poles etc.

Marine structures

Waste containments etc..


The reduced CO2 emissions of Geopolymer cements make them a good alternative to Ordinary Portland Cement.

Produces a substance that is comparable to or better than traditional cements with respect to most properties.

Geopolymer concrete has excellent properties within both acid and salt environments
Low-calcium fly ash-based geopolymer concrete has excellent compressive strength and is suitable for Structural applications.



The thesis is mainly concerned with the investigation of geopolymer concrete with the primary aim of addressing the economic, financial and environmental issues associated with the production and use of ordinary Portland cement. Manufacture of Portland cement is known to produce a much higher volume of carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere, therefore finding a suitable alternative can bring a desirable solution to mitigate the environmental problems caused by the cement production. The thesis gives a review of geopolymer concrete and critically analyses the economic and environmental benefits of geopolymer concrete over Portland cement concrete. Portland cement utilises waste industrial materials such as fly ash from thermal power stations to provide concrete solutions to waste management as well as environmental remediation problems.
Geopolymer concrete products are known to have far better durability and strength properties than Portland cement properties. These properties are investigated in the laboratory and verified. Finally the thesis looks at the factors which may hamper the use of geopolymer concrete as an alternative to Portland cement concrete. It is believed that in some countries, the geopolymer concrete does not comply with some regulatory standards, in particular those that define minimum clinker content levels or chemical composition in contents. The issues are investigated and addressed by the thesis.

to get information about the topic "geopolymer concrete" full report ppt and related topic refer the page link bellow

1.Can you give me a brief description on the preparation of geopolymer?
2.Geopolymerisation process(what is the necessity of temperature of 60-80c)if possible some pics
3.Is the cost of geopolymer more or less compared to ordinary cement?
4.Is it in use now?if so where?one example

following post contains a full document report on this topic. please go through the following link.


am doing engg..i want to know about geopolymer concrete..

i will be grateful if u send me the report

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