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human resource management system

A Human Resource Management System (HRMS) including an HRMS server having an HRMS database containing files storing information on employees, employee skills, employee schedules and projects. The information in the files of the HRMS database is obtained from external corporate databases as well as from direct entry. Attendance functionality is included for maintaining the scheduled activities of employees with different types of scheduled activities differently highlighted on an Attendance Summary display. Human Resource search and scheduling functionality is provided that identifies human resources possessing the required skills. HRMS provides interfaces between the external databases and the HRMS database for maintaining the information current that is stored therein. A common user interface provides a common view of the information in the HRMS database and in the external databases. The HRMS server, including the HRMS database, is implemented on a programmed computer system.
Every Organization has numerous types of resources like office equipments, finance, raw material etc. Human Resource is one of these resources. It is the most vital among all the resources of an organization. So HR functions are common to all type of organizations. These HR functions may include recruitment, time management, and management of payroll and many more. In the scenario of handling thousands of employees, their recruitment procedure, their time scheduling and their salary slip generation according to their packages and their working days may become difficult to handle manually. Here comes the need of a system which can help the administration to do all the above said jobs in an automated and efficient manner. We call our proposed system as HRMS (Human Resource Management System), which is being developed for the management of Human of Human Resource.
There is a huge amount of information which needs to be entered, stored and searched thereafter related to large number of employee of a particular organization. Our Project Human Resource Management System reduces the work load of the administration department by automating all the related process electronically. This Human Resource Management System not only automates the data entry for employee details such as personal information, past experience details, skills and so on. But also efficiently manage the time /work relation for every employee and the work distribution methods generates the payment cheques periodically and corresponding reports for the management. The HRMS can be developed and implemented for any organization of any scale.
3.1 Description of the Problem

Human Resource Management System a basic HR solution which are having very difficult 6 module to implement that project It also having Test Conducting feature which are very difficult process to implement the project its having the attendance syste you can not increase because evry time you login in morning that is self calculable so it is very difficult task for us so we also implement that architecture so we can attendance and calculate salary and we also aplly for a leave with a particular reason so all the task is Implemented on the MVC architecture.
3.2 Limitation of the Existing System
This module is divided into the sub module.
Existing system are manual & some module are automatic and less complex
Total Object oriented architecture no JAVABEAN tag is useful here.
This project is only for the HR Administrator.
The proposed system is expected to be faster than the existing system.
Submitted By:-
Pulkit Saxena
Ashutosh Dargar
Rajat Meghvanshi

Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management Strategy

The Meaning of Strategy
A critical factor that affects Firm Performance
A factor that contributes to Competitive Advantage in markets
Having a long-term focus
Plans that involve the top executives and/or board of directors of the firm
A general framework that provides a perspective for selecting specific policies and procedures
Human Resource Management
Why is HR critical to firm performance?
85% of all firms in the US are service firms.
Service is delivered by people.
Low quality HR leads to low quality customer service.
In the 21st century effective knowledge management translates into competitive advantage and profits.
Knowledge comes from a firm s people.
Human Resource Management
What is unique about Human Resource Management?
HR is multidisciplinary: It applies the disciplines of Economics (wages, markets, resources), Psychology (motivation, satisfaction), Sociology (organization structure, culture) and Law (min. wage, labor contracts, EEOC)
HR is embedded within the work of all managers, and most individual contributors due to the need of managing people (subordinates, peers and superiors) as well as teams to get things done.
Human Resource Management : Strategy
Human Resource Management : Performance
Context of Human Resource System
The Five Factors Influencing the HR System
External Environment
Social: social values, roles, trends, etc.
Political: political forces, changes. Ex. Bush presidency and its agenda for Social Security.
Legal: laws, court decisions, regulatory rules.
Economic: product, labour, capital, factor markets.
Context of Human Resource System
The Workforce
Context of Human Resource System
Organization Culture
Weak vs. Strong culture
Type of culture
Context of Human Resource System
Organization Strategy
Firm s distinctive competencies
A sustainable competitive strategy
Firm s strategic objectives
Compare corporate and Business strategies
Context of Human Resource System
Technology of Production & Organization of Work
Physical layout/employee proximity
Required employee skills
Ease of monitoring employees input
Context of Human Resource System
Distribution of Task Outcomes: 3 Possibilities
Best Practice .
Best Fit .
Resource Based View .
All in all, the HR function is still to a large degree administrative and common to all organizations. To varying degrees, most organisations have formalised selection, evaluation, and payroll processes.

Efficient and effective management of the "HUMAN CAPITAL" Pool (HCP) has become an increasingly imperative and complex activity to all HR professionals. The HR function consists of tracking innumerable data points on each employee, from personal histories, data, skills, capabilities, experiences to payroll records.

To reduce the manual workload of these administrative activities, organisations began to electronically automate many of these processes by introducing innovative HRMS/HCM technology. Due to complexity in programming, capabilities and limited technical resources, HR executives rely on internal or external IT professionals to develop and maintain their Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS). Before the CLIENT architecture evolved in the late 1980s, every single HR automation process came largely in form of mainframe computers that could handle large amounts of data transactions.

In consequence of the high capital investment necessary to purchase or program proprietary software, these internally developed HRMS were limited to medium to large organisations being able to afford internal IT capabilities.

The advent of client-server HRMS authorised HR executives for the first time to take responsibility and ownership of their systems. These client-server HRMS are characteristically developed around four principal areas of HR functionalities: 1) Payroll 2) time and labour management 3) benefits administration and 4) HR management.
The main of the project is to develop a Human Resource Management system for the Intranet Automation of HR Software .HR system provides the information regarding the employees I the company. The system has been to facilitate good Interaction/ communication facilities between the employees and HR Administration.
The web pages about an employee are created dynamically based on the user id and password and links are provided to web pages containing information about employee General details , Contact details ,skill details etc., he also has the facility of viewing a summary report of all the projects done by a particular employee. A list of all employees is provided along with employee s Designation and Department.
Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System is aimed to integrate the activities of Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Management System maintains the following core activities and core processes,
Personal Information Management
Personal Training Management
Recruitment Process Management
Project Management

Language/Tool : Java 1.5/Servelt , JSP /Tom cat server/ mssql Database
to get information about the topic "human resource management system" refer the page link bellow
i need some detailed functional requirements ..for online / web based human resource management system i want to implement it as my final year that i have some abstract that what should be done to make HRM as online facility.
please read for more information about human resource management system and more

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