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Bp oil spills up to 40 billion U.S. dollars to pay

Vibram Five Fingers report,British Petroleum in the UK economy with a vital component. Media reports said the British oil dividend is an important source of UK pension funds. Since the Gulf of Mexico drilling platforms, "Deep Horizon" on April 20 triggered an explosion since the massive oil spill, the oil market capitalization fall by nearly one-third of the British.

Although Cameron and Barack Obama on several occasions previously discussed the environmental consequences of oil spill crisis,Five Fingers Shoes and political influence, but the outside world still blame him for defending the British oil ineffective. Analysts widely expected the United States, Britain and the final award amounts of oil in the 30 billion to 40 billion U.S. dollars between.

Cameron said he would again emphasize to the Obama British Petroleum on the importance of the two countries.

"I have to express a view of Obama is that 40% of the shares of British Petroleum in here (UK), but 39% held by the United States. I will reiterate this point," he said, "British Petroleum for the British provide tens of thousands of employment opportunities, but also for the tens of thousands of Americans jobs. "

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