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(1) Which of the following is an appropriate synonym for the word Debauch?
a) Demoralize b) Encourage c) Cultivate d) None of these

(2) Find the synonym of Decreed?
a) Make up one's mind b) disagree c) decrease in quantity d) None of these

(3) What is an appropriate synonym for Bifid?
a) Divided b) Divided in two c) Timid d) None of these

a) compliance: deft b)temerity: timid c) despotism : arrogant
d) candor: bungling e) tenacity : eager

a) whale: minnow b) speech : shout c) plant : flower
d) wind: temperature e) tornado: hurricane

a) identification: arbitrators b) co-operation : partners c) conclusion : messengers
d) revision: corespondents e) attribution : interpreters

(7) Everyday, in the school, one period is.. to games, sports and physical exercise.
a) entrusted b) dedicated c) conceded d) devoted e) conferred

(8) What frustrates the opposition's effort of unity is the absence of a ..long term strategy.
a) credible b) contestable c) creditable d) compatible e) conceivable

(9) Some people..themselves into believing that they are indispensable to the organization they work for.
a) keep b) fool c) force d) denigrate e) delude

(10) The Government sought to set at..speculation that there may be a shift in nuclear policy.
a) pace b) rest c) peace d) fire e) right

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