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kerala psc part 642 (Indian national congress 1)

Indian national congress
*The Predecessor of Indian National Congress 
ans:Indian National Union
*Indian National Union was formed in 
*The Organisation which was formed in Bombay during the formation of INC 
ans:Seva Sadan
*Indian National Congress was formed on 
ansBig Grinecember 28,1885
*Indian National Congress was founded by 
ans:A.O. Hume
*First General Secretary of INC 
ans:A.O. Hume 
*First president of INC 
ans:W.C Bannerjee
*The venue of the first session of Indian National congress was fixed at 
*The venue of first session of INC was shifted to
ans:Gokul Das Tejpal Sanskrit College Bombay
*The venue of first session of INC was shifted from Pune to Bombay due to the outbreak of
*Number of representatives who attended the first session of INC 
*First resolution of INC Was presented by ans:G.Subrahmariya Iyer 
*Safety Valve Theory was related to formation of 
*The Viceroy of British India during the formation of INC
ans:Lord Dufferin
*The British Committee of INC was founded in the year
*The Journal started by the British Committee of INC 
*The official historian of Indian National Congress
ansTongueattabhi Sitaramayya

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