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Tips for Upcoming Seminars

General points:

A common problem in recent years has been that lecturers bore and/or lose their audience as they talk away in the jargon of their field pointing at details of their work obtained with methods that few people in the room use. This works great for your lab group who already appreciate the importance of your little corner of the research world and talk with the same abbreviations and refer to these methods on a day by day basis.
Give the bigger picture. Provide perspective for the audience. Use simple models that you keep referring to.
You can explain an abbreviation or plasmid number once in a paper - there people can go back to recheck it - you can not do this in a lecture. Use words that mean something, e.g. "the plasmid with the promotor deletion" rather than "p3XYZ", or add a qualifier to the trade word.
Each slide is a mini seminar- ideally give it an introduction before putting it up..
Conclude with a summary that uses simple terms, then summarize in lay terms.
Keep the amount of material on each slide to a minimum - only the major points (no more than 5-7 points on a slide) - you can embellish or add material verbally - it is boring to have the presenter basically read the same material that is on the slide.



please could you help me out on seminar topics under microbiology medical aspect or virology

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